CIM Professional Certificate Courses

Intensive Marketing provides Intensive Workshop, Distance Learning, single Certificate Modules plus bespoke course study options.

Professional Certificate - Intensive Workshop

Attend intensive workshops where your commitment, together with our experience, makes sense of the course requirements in a focussed yet fun environment. Our groups are deliberately small to give the highest service levels. All this is backed up with a range of resources on Moodle, our virtual learning environment.  

Our client said... "not only did they have a great understanding of marketing principles but they were able to apply this in a practical sense but most importantly in a very contemporary way." read more...

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Professional Certificate - Distance Learning

Use a unique range of resources on Moodle to study in a distance learning mode. We understand that you may have extensive marketing knowledge and just need our skills to get you through the assignment, or you are not able to commit to weekend study.

This study option is supported with live webcasts to help make sense of course assignments and get the qualification you desire.

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Single Certificate Modules

We understanding that some students stop midway through a course for a variety of reasons. It could be that you just could not get past that last exam or assignment.

Intensive Marketing are very flexible and will consider taking students for just one module or even to provide the help needed to get through an assignment. Speak to us, our record is very strong.

Bespoke Courses

Please contact us if you would like a bespoke Intensive Marketing experience.

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